Analytical methods are developed using HPLC and UHPLC techniques with different detection methods (DAD, MS) for quantification of active compounds in various samples. Developed methods are validated in accordance with the recommended guidelines for validation of analytical methods.


Stability testing of food supplements and cosmetics is performed following established guidelines. The tests of stability are specifically customized to each formulation of the individual product and are carried out in real time or at accelerated conditions. The goal is to confirm the physico-chemical stability, microbiological quality and compatibility of the product formulation with the packaging for the predicted shelf life under certain storage conditions. By performing stability tests, the manufacturer can ensure a safe, effective and quality products.    


Samples are prepared and analysed following high standards in order to provide accurate value of the measured active compound or any other analyte of interest. Our routine analytical offer includes determination of vitamins, small proteins and peptides, amino acids, glucosamine sulphate, coenzyme Q10, β-carotene, resveratrol, carvacrol, sulphoraphan, L-carnitine, caffeine, curcumin, artemisinin, active compounds of echinacea, various sugars and many more in various sample matrices.


INSLAB experts provide specialized services to clients that develop food supplements, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and related products. We offer consulting services during product development and optimization of the production processes.


INSLAB laboratory offers analytical laboratory services in support of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmeceutical research and new product development, stability testing, optimisation of manufacturing processes, quality control, and regulatory compliance. Our experts will develop, validate, and perform specific analytical methods and tests for your formulation to help you ensure quality products and faster launch on the market.


We offer regulatory services for raw materials, food supplements and cosmetics including preparation and expert review of the documentation. For your cosmetic products our experts will prepare Cosmetic product safety report and Product Information File. We also offer consulting in the field of hazardous chemicals and biocide products and preparation of safety data sheets.

INSLAB - Independent Analytical Laboratory


On the market there are many different products (food supplements, food, beverages, cosmetics) that contain various active compounds. In order to offer the customers the best possible product, manufacturers must provide a finished product that is of high quality, safe to consume and stable until the expiration date.


INSLAB is your analytical laboratory for:

– confirmation of the declared content of active compounds such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, botanical and other natural extracts, – correct labeling of products with nutritional and health claims, – stability testing to determine the shelf life and to ensure the quality of the product until the expiration date, – evaluation of the presence of controlled substances such as heavy metals, impurities or prohibited active substances, – research and laboratory services for product development and optimization of production processes with customized consulting services from early product development to marketing.



Quantification of artemisinin, a bioactive compound from Artemisia annua

Artemisinin is a bioactive compound present in the sweet wormwood plant (Artemisia annua) with a broad spectrum of antiviral and anti-inflammatory activity. Artemisinin as a phytomedicine is widely used for

Analysis of vitamin D in food supplements and fortified foods

The vitamin D or so-called “sunshine” vitamin is hot topic currently because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the confirmed relationship between the vitamin D blood levels and disease severity among

INSLAB’s Anniversary

INSLAB’s story started four years ago in an empty building located in the Styrian Technology Park (ŠTP) in Pesnica pri Mariboru, Slovenia. Supported by our enthusiasm and passion, ŠTP consultants

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